Chameleon Mapping

Mapping can be summed up in just one word..Where?

 - Where is this address located?
 - Where is the closest officer?
 - Where are our "problem" areas?
 - Where should we start canvassing?

These questions and many more can only be answered if your data can be displayed in a map.

Chameleon's integrated mapping solution can enable you to more efficiently dispatch requests for service or see how many types of service you performed in an area over a period of time. 

Where should you concentrate your efforts to be more effective? How can you visually represent your data to get a better understanding of how it affects your area? With Chameleon Mapping you can do all of this and so much more.

With the addition of ChamGPS, you can display your vehicles' locations in proximity to your requests for service to improve dispatching as well as officer safety.