24Petconnect offers a wide range of functionality that can be integrated into your website to better serve the public, the shelter, and ultimately, the animals. Getting information about the animals in your care out to the public is critical. However, spending the time and effort to manually upload information to your website can be an onerous task. We've taken all the work out of it for you! 

Information and images about the pets at your shelter is automatically uploaded from Chameleon/CMS and displayed on 24Petconnect. Adoptable pet information can be sent along to other adoption websites, where they can be sent on to even more websites. 

Adoptable pets aren't the only animals at your shelter. 24Petconnect's lost and found functionality reunites owners and their animals daily. By sending an email of potential matches to owners who have lost their pet, as well as to finders who have found one, matches are made. Lost and Found requests can be sent back to the shelter as well. All of this is automatic! 

Now having this information on 24Petconnect is all well and good but displaying it on your website is even better. Using a customized link with your colors, fonts, and styles, 24Petconnect merges seamlessly within your site, keeping your patrons on your website. What this means is that the animals in the shelter are the same ones on the website. There is no delay because staff is doing something other than managing your website.