Chameleon/CMS is an integrated Shelter Case Management System to help you with all activities at your facility, including: shelter management, licensing, field operations, cashiering, and veterinary record-keeping.  Included industry-leading mapping, barcoding, and automation tools will further help you streamline operations.

Behind the technology is a staff with extensive combined experience in technology and animal shelter operations eager to assist you.  Chameleon/CMS helps you manage and track:

- Staff & Volunteers
- Veterinarians
- Rescue groups
- Complete History
- Training
- Profiles
- Adoption Interviews 
- Permanent Record
- Photos
- Behavior Profiles
- Complete History
- National pet website
- Auto upload to multiple
animal search websites
- Intake & Outcome
- Lost & Found
- Narrative memos
- Visual Kennel management
- Robust search capabilities

- Individual or batch entry
- Monthly / Yearly
- Differential pricing
- Quick record look up
- Vaccinations
- Simple renewal process

- Calls for service
- Citations
- Bite reporting
- Field staff dispatching
- Shift control and tracking
- Laptop implementation
- Case photos 
- Medical history
- Treatments
- Medications
- Spay/neuter
- Barcode tasks
- Disease tracking

- Solicitation
- Campaign management
- Contact tracking
- Notices & donation

- Fee calculation & payment 
- Debt tracking
- Refund processing
- Cash drawer tracking
- Inventory tracking
- Transaction audit history
- 40+ included, hundreds more 
- Ad hoc options
- Automated statistics
- Charts & graphs
- Notices

Automatic Email
- Send alerts on data errors  
- License renewals
- Rescues with animals
 available for rescue
Additional Features
- Mapping
- Security controls
- Error checking

- Change statuses
- Outcoming animals
- Enter regular treatment records
- Barcode kennel inventory

Chameleon/CMS runs on any Microsoft Windows operating system supporting SQL Server 2017 or higher. See our Network Requirements or contact Sales for additional information.

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Licensing Services

Pet licensing is an integral part of many shelters and is a significant revenue source. Let our licensing services help shoulder the burden of high-volume payment processing and repetitive data entry tasks. What we do saves you time and money. Our time-tested procedures can actually generate more revenue for the shelter while making the licensing process more convenient for your customers.

Chameleon Licensing Services


VetImport / ImageEntry