New website created to help reunite pets lost during Hurricane Harvey


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - September 1, 2017 -The leading national lost and found pet website,, has created a special site for pets found in the Hurricane Harvey affected areas. Already the online portal for Texas' largest animal shelters, including the City of Houston, Harris County and Corpus Christi, is available to any animal shelter, rescue group, or private individual.

"We learned from helping with pet recovery after Hurricane Katrina that it's essential to have one easy-to-use portal that searches a wide area," said the founder of the software company that created, Robert K. Hoover, a Texas native. "We already had thousands of Southeast Texas pets on the site. It made sense to expand it to assist in pet recovery."

Not only does the improved site assist in the immediate recovery of displaced pets, it also maintains information on pets transferred to other locations, even out of state. This ensures owners have a chance to find their animals, weeks or even months later.

Those who find pets that may have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey, or are searching for their lost pet, can visit to submit lost reports or report found animals.